Items, Glyphs and Runes - General Thread

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Items, Glyphs and Runes - General Thread

Post by Tirtouga on Sat Feb 04, 2017 10:13 pm

Starting Glyphs
Experience Glyph: 50% bonus rewards upon completion of a quest.
How to Obtain: Reward for Registering.

Beginner Glyphs
Newborn Stone: Pokemon in their first stage who can evolve have all ranks raised by 1.
How to Obtain: Defeat King of the Hill on Easy Difficulty.

Destracting Flair: Bosses are 3x more likely to target holder when executing their action.
How to Obtain: Defeat Forest Escape on Easy Difficulty.

Modest Regeneration Orb: Holder is granted 1% HP return per action.
How to Obtain: Defeat Undersea Temple on Easy Difficulty.

Intermediate Glyphs
Coming soon.

Advanced Glyphs
Coming soon.

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